Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Amazing "Deedee!"

We love that Deedee is so calm and delicate in the house

We are fortunate to welcome big, beautiful, and loving "Deedee" (aka Meadow Park Esther Olivia) to our program, where she will, we hope, make her mark in strengthening the "Lab" in the "Labradoodle!  While Deedee rocks a soft-n-fluffy non-shedding and allergy-friendly wool coat, her personality is a superb combination of Lab and Standard Poodle! Affectionate, friendly, confident, (food-motivated :-) ), and easy-going, but with intense eye contact and high intelligence:  she is a GREAT family dog. 

Deedee is so well-mannered in the house, playing gently with her toys, and asking to go out when needed. It is hard to resist her melting, soulful dark eyes when she puts her head on your lap for a snuggle! Deedee loves to be petted and touched --not surprisingly, as she comes from "Meadow Park Labradoodles" who specialize in Service and Therapy Labradoodles. Her sire ("(Run Over) Beethoven") has produced a number of assistance dogs over the years. Outside, she is pretty "bombproof" and enjoys getting to go on a run.  Deedee gets on well with other dogs, but she does get a little bit jealous about sharing the love of the human pack! Deedee lives  in a Guardian Home on the Peninsula, with her 2 human kids and 2 feline siblings.

Deedee is 2 1/2 years old and about 60 lbs. of love and fluff. She is fully health-tested with OFA "Good" Hips/"Normal" Elbows, Patellas, Eyes; Thyroid 2014; Optigen PRA Clear, and has whelped healthy pups with "Rutlands Solitaire" aka "Solly" (See Photos Below). Deedee has some ALCA-registered foundation breed dogs very close behind her in her pedigree, and so is an important contributor to genetic diversity (and health) in the breed.  ALCA Registration # (214-07312013-004-B )

We wish that our command of "Canine" was as good as her understanding of English!

(She is a smart one)

Did I ever say how much I love Big Noses!

Dee is a big SOLID girl with a "Labby" physique
Past Puppy of Deedee's (with Rutlands Solitaire)
Deedee x Solly pup
Deedee will have a "rainbow litter" like this one  when she honeymoons with our "Blitz" in the summer!

(Photos of Deedee & Solly's pups courtesy of Catherine Kumar)


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