Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nutcracker Sweets

The Lovely Whitney delivered a beautifully robust litter of 3 girls and 2 boys. Mama cleverly took her time with the whelping, birthing her first big girl at 5:20 AM, with the rest of the puppies appearing regularly over the next four hours.  Whitney was refreshed with the traditional bowl of vanilla ice cream, which provides extra glucose and calcium for both Mama and babies. The pups "Clara", "Sugarplum", "Prince", "Snowflake", and "?", all set to nursing with enthusiasm!

This little girl, only minutes old, is soaking up the heat from the warming tray

We are glad to see the puppies "pink up" once they start breathing on their own

"Snowflake" enjoyed the benefits of being an "only child" for over an hour!

But a sister "Clara", then a brother "Prince" came along in rapid succession

Enjoying his first meal of colostrum

Whitney would like to know who finished off the last of the Trader Joe's French Vanilla that had her name on it?  (Had to make do with Dreyers "plain" Vanilla...!)

A wonderfully strong litter is a delight to watch as they drag themselves around the box searching for  Mama  (and a cozy spot to curl up and snooze)

Plenty of room for all at the first Breakfast!

Whitney admires her handiwork...and takes excellent care of them too.