Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympic Trials

In preparation for the big day of opening ceremonies, Lily started out with a protein-packed breakfast of champions (another pork chop), having turned down the "wet" puppy food, as well as the frozen raw chicken nuggets for dogs. When she threw it all up again, we knew that she was preparing for the arrival of her "Gold Medal" litter.

Over a period of about 4 hours, six beautiful chocolate puppies (two boys and four girls) entered the arena in a show of power and grace.

Little "Phelps," aided by his amazing wingspan, was first to reach for the Gold!
Big and strong "Misty May" landed feet-first and rolled as she rushed the net, but right afterwards little "Gabby" stuck her perfect reverse entry!
"Bolt" made a big impact waving to the adoring crowd.
Pretty "Morgan" has a nose for a goal (or possibly a bowl).
And "Maggie" used her impressive upper body strength to "score" at the milk bar. 
Future champions get a lot of support and encouragement from their families.
But what mother wouldn't be proud?
"Can we get a little quiet around here?  I'm trying to rest on my laurels."

(All the athletes were tucked-in to bed by 8:30, while Lily enjoyed her bowl of vanilla ice cream.)

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  1. A gold medal pile of puppies!!! I hope that Topper was not too much "help" during this Olympic performance.

    - Elizabeth