Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Puppy Watch...!

The lovely Miss Lily has not lost her sunny disposition, in spite of a bellyful of 5-6 pups ready to make their way into the world at any time now...

Lily gets lots of support from Gal Pals Cocoapuff and Vixen.
...And from Daddy Topper...

...who gallantly tries to keep Lily in good spirits!
That Topper is such a card!
It is exciting to wonder what the puppies will be like, (but judging from both Lily and Topper's respective former litters, these pups will be stunning.) This litter will likely have both Chocolates and, we hope, some of the lustrous satin-black pups Topper is known for!
Lily's 2011 Puppies
Lily's Daughter "Golden Gate Luna"
Lily's Gorgeous "Gus"
Lily's last litter was remarkable for their intelligence. A Synchronized "Sit" and a perfect "10" from the judges!
Topper's Satin Black pups with Tori from Harmony are simply beautiful.
And Topper's pups of the recent "Royal Family" are knockouts as well. 
Topper's pups share his human-focus
and his dog-ged determination to forge ahead in his endeavors!
Another Handsome Royal

Stay tuned...!