Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Born Today: Lola and "Z's" New Puppies

After a sleepless night (for both of us!), Lola waited 'til the break of day to whelp her five beautiful puppies--three boys and two girls in golden caramel. The puppies are hale-and-hearty and began nursing vigorously, and, as usual, Lola is delighted with them!

(Click on the photos for larger format views.)

All lined up on the warming tray

"Stillwaters Mighty Zion" aka "Z" aka "Dad"

(Photo courtesty of Brasken Kennels)

Papa "Z"

(Photo courtesty of Brasken Kennels)

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  1. A super-adorable group!!! Topper sends kisses and respect to Lola (and to Z from afar) for their spectacular babies.