Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Places and Faces For Grace's Pups

Grace's pups have opened their eyes and their ears are unsealed. They are clearly trying to make some "sense" of their newly developed senses! They spend most of the day sleeping and eating, but we have been taking them out to experience (gradually) the big wide world outside their den.

Puppies instiinctively seek out enclosed dark spaces
This curly black guy is particularly brave and inquisitive
He just stares right back at us when we play with him
He is actually hoping that we have a handout of supplemental goats' milk!
This brother and sister are a matching set...but not sure they want to be out in the "wilderness" quite yet!
Lab-by head!
This gal is another little character...
When in doubt, take a nap!
She has decided that Cosmo is of no use whatsoever, not being provided with any milk on board
Chocolate boy and curly cream girl 
The  "whoppers", these two cream boys  are enjoying supplemental puppy formula to ease the burden on Grace
Grace's Boy "aka "The Doodle Whisperer" pays a visit to the babies

Another "smiler"

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