Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Grace and Sam's Pups Welcome the New Year

Our beautiful "Winter Solstice" ("Grace", who came from our "Winter Blessings" litter in 2012, welcomed her first litter with Cherry Sam-I-Am in the final days of 2014. Grace is the proud and affectionate mother of 6 boys and 3 girls! 

Grace "Expecting"

Photo of Sam courtesy of Cherry Valley Labradoodles

Even just minutes old, pups are instinctively programmed to suckle
Grace had the first 6 pups in only an hour and a quarter--She needs a vanilla ice cream "pick-me-up"!
Even though it is her first experience with mothering, Grace is right on top of things! A natural!
Even at just minutes-old, healthy pups know instinctively to get to work suckling

This big curly girl is a pro herself!
And her curly black brother is also a foodie
Still so tiny, the pups will double and triple their birthweights in the first couple of weeks!
The pups have coats like black satin
This boy is sniffing the strange air outside
A "smile"?  Or just a burp ;-)

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