Thursday, January 1, 2015

Male Breeding Prospect For Qualified Breeder

"Golden Gate Jamboree"

born: May 6th, 2015
Manor Lake Apollo x NW Australian Royal Chocolate Brownie (Both parents with PennHIP scores >90th% and registered with ALCA & ALAA, IC clear, other testing results available upon request). Click on photos and pedigrees below to view full size.

From a repeat litter from exceptional therapy-lines, with 2 pups from the prior litter working with practicing therapists as their "office dogs" and one doing hospice work.
Solid boning, with a broad and deep chest, ("Jambo" is a tank), broad head and muzzle, saber tail, and a chocolate (likely Café at maturity) fleece coat. Likely 38-40 lbs. full grown (13 lbs at 10 weeks). Dam carries for cream, Sire does not (25% chance of carrying for cream).

Like his sire "Apollo" (aka "Roscoe"), Jambo is not too cerebral.  No... not really a deep thinker at all, and, consequently is on the more "bombproof" end of the temperament scale. He is outgoing, but also affectionate and cuddly, without being needy or  in-your-face. In new environments he will explore, check back in, explore, check back in...

An all-around "chill" dood

Papa Roscoe keeping an eye on the winemaking operations

"Manor Lake Apollo" aka "Roscoe"

Beloved Brownie

See Brownie and Roscoe's prior litter "The Brownie Bites". Parent's testing available upon request.
$10K with terms offered to qualified breeders with
written references from established breeders. For me, a puppy is not "breeding quality" until it tests out to be breeding quality. I do not like to force another breeder into buying a breeding prospect at full price from me unless it is the puppy originally purchased.  (Reasonable and flexible) breeding restrictions for first 2 years. Please call for more information. 650-576-9068

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