Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Red Alert!: Vixen's New Pups

Vixen lost no time in presenting us with her 6 beautiful red pups.  She "told" us that she was ready to go, and sure enough, five girls and one little boy were born late in the evening and right into the (very) early morning of her due date. An experienced mama, Vixen set right to work cleaning and feeding her new babies.

We work hard with warm towels to dry off the newborn pups...

...but mama does such a thorough washing-up, that we have to start all over again.

With three pups already born and nursing, Vixen takes a vanilla ice cream break! Ice cream provides, extra calcium, some sugar, and protein to mama and to the unborn pups too. 

Healthy puppies have a strong sucking instinct right from birth

5:00 AM -- I think that's all of them!

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