Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Truffle's Chocolate Treasures

Truffle was very nervous about what was happening. She paced, and dug nests in all of the dogs' beds, finally settling on Cosmo's special bed--next to my bed.  Sorry Cosmo, but lucky for me, as in spite of labor signs from 7 PM onward, her first pup did not make her appearance until after 8:00 AM.

Truffle is alert and waiting...

...but for exactly what, she doesn't know!
And, after a long night, her curiosity is satisfied!

Truffle and her three newborns

Truffle is hoarding her pups, worried that someone might take her new treasures away from her!

"You mean I can keep them?!"

(Truffle is amazed by her own handiwork)

"Aren't they lovely?"

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