Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stella's Lucky Pups!

At three weeks, Stella's little Lucky Charms are starting to look and act more like puppies and have improved coordination. They have begun to express themselves in puppy-ways, wrestling in slow motion, grabbing at an ear or tail that presents itself in front of their mouths, and in softly yipping for their Mama when they are hungry.

The pups are much more alert for what goes on around them, paying special attention to events that might signal mealtime!

The naughty girls enjoy gentle rough-housing

Stella and Brownie's human family are giving the pups some extra love!


Little  Ciara's first experience with the water bowl. With the warm weather today, the pups are much thirstier than normal. And, it is important for them to learn to drink water before they start eating a lot of "solid" food.

"Sneak Attack"


"Wow, I have big feet for a girl!"

Roisin ("Rose") is practicing her Stealth Doodle camouflage skills 
Spot the puppy

You found me!
An important milestone in these puppies lives...

One of Stella's human kids offers the pups their first meal of "Puppy Mush"

It's a hit!
Where did he go?

Looking for more...

Bridget is all over Clean-up

Stella is right there to provide a top-up

It's exhausting being 3 weeks old!

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