Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Bites

 "The Brownie Bites" are enjoying all of the action in the breakfast nook these days! At three weeks of age, they are starting to wrestle and tumble about more confidently, and are tentatively venturing out of the whelping box...

Cupcake enjoying a morning sunbath

Twinkie sniffs to catch a whiff of Mama coming back from her outing

After breakfast, the pups are feeling spunky!


"Who, me?"

Twinkie and Whoopie Pie venture out quite a way from the box...and have found a treasure! (But, they wonder who it really belongs to and whether they might show up any time soon.)

Mama is keeping an eye on the explorers

Brownie's human boy  offers the puppies their first sampling of "Puppy Mush"

Organic goat's milk, whole goat yogurt, puppy food, and probiotics--yum!

(Some are less impressed)
A more formal meal is served at dinner

Pups get pretty lively when the dinner takes effect on their little brains

Posing for "The Swimsuit Edition"

Only 3 weeks and Doodle Romping already!? 

Twinkie falls asleep 

The pups are beginning crate training with an open door crate
But it gets warm in there in the morning!
There is a little more fresh air and room to breathe in the puppy bed...

...until Brownie climbs in!

How is this going to work Brownie?
 This makes more sense

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