Monday, April 7, 2014

"From There To Here, From Here To There. Funny Things are Everywhere." -- Dr. Seuss

Bailey Mae and Roscoe's beautiful puppies continue on into their second week of life similarly to their first week of life: Sleeping, Snuggling, (and Eating!). And still not knowing what puppy-fun is in store for them!

It's: "Sam I Am", "Horton", "Clark",  "Cindy Lou Who", "Nixie Knox", "Truffula", & "Gertrude McFuzz"!


The pups love their furry nest, and when mama is not there, they seek it out and burrow deep down inside to keep warm

At two weeks of age, puppies can not regulate their own body temperatures and rely on Mama and a warm environment

Hanging out in the "Puppy Pile" is a way for a puppy litter to conserve heat.

When they are warm enough, they crawl away and snooze by themselves

Regulating your body temperature is exhausting work!

A "Drum-tummied Snumm"!

(Or a Star-bellied Sneetch???)

Another couple of days (later this week) the pups should be opening their eyes...Any bets on which day?

There are two puppies in this litter that are lighter; they are "true" Parchments and while they are genetically "Chocolate", they will likely mature to an amazing Platinum color!

Bailey Mae's human family has come to visit her and the puppies
Mama Bailey takes advantage of  a good opportunity to wash a little face

Spending time with their Mama's human family is excellent socialization for the puppies!

Thank goodness it's mealtime ...again!
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