Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Surprise in The Leprechaun Trap!

Over the course of Sunday evening (and into the wee hours), the lovely deep-dark-chocolate Miss Stella (aka "Northwest Australian Madam of the Night") presented us with five lovely little girls--three Cream and Caramel-Cream, and two Chocolates!

Very late at night, we tucked everyone in and headed off to bed...

...BUT, when we checked the Leprechaun trap first thing on the morn of Saint Patrick's Day, what a surprise!  There  was a sixth wee Chocolate girl grinning slyly up at us!  

Have the Faeries left a Changeling-Pup in Stella's nest?

Stella is famous for her mysterious "Mona Lisa smile"...

...so it is not surprising that she may have been up to some late night shenanigans!


"Top 'O The Morning to you Sister!"
"Ah, go on, give us a kiss"!

Pretty "Ciara" (Kee-A-rah)  the "little, dark-haired one;  "Caitríona" (Ca-TREE-na), the pure "Róisín Dubh" (Ro-sheen dove) our "Dark Rose"!;  "Fiona" The Fair! ;  the legendary beauty "Deirdre" (Deer-dre); and "Bridget", pup of “power, vigor, & virtue”
Céad mile fáilte--"A Thousand Welcomes!", pretty little Colleens!

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