Sunday, March 16, 2014

Presenting "The Brownie-Bites"!

Brownie (aka "Northwest Australian Royal Chocolate Brownie"), is proud to present her big box of scrumptious "Brownie-Bites", straight from the "oven"!

The Mama-To-Be let us know early yesterday morning that her chocolate confections were just about "done", and, by 9:00 PM, popped out the last little pup...

"Something's going on down there!"

Lots of patiently waiting around involved in this process
But finally, the sweetest little firstborn appears...

...and she sets straight to work!
Brownie is delighted with her first puppy and tries to guard her carefully even from the camera.
But she is followed by seven more little pups
It is harder to manage when more start to appear!
Even just minutes after whelping 8 puppies, Brownie maintains her sweet, kind, and loving demeanor.
Congratulations Brownie!

Brownie seems to have passed along her sunny disposition to this sweet smiling pup!
How about an "Atta Girl, Brownie!" ?

Even though they are just hours old, some of these opportunistic Doodles have already located the cushy warm heating pad

On the other hand, it's hard to beat the comfort and convenience of Mama Brownies soft fleecy belly!

Brownie is starting to feel comfortable with the warm electric rectangular intruder
Pups awake to a sunny morning!

Chocolate milk for breakfast?

Brownie thinks her products are far superior to those of  Hostess 

"And I'm NOT sharing!"

Like the sign says, "Brownie-- Completely Choco-licious!"

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