Sunday, March 23, 2014

Eat Sleep Eat Sleep Eat Sleep...

The experienced mamas Brownie and Stella deserve special recognition for their exceptional care. The pups in both of their litters are solid little chunksters, all weighing in at close to a pound at birth, and continuing to pile on the puppy fat.  

Ordinarily inseparably devoted to one other, Brownie and Stella are each wary of letting the other approach their respective litter, but are happily reunited when they go outside for breaks.  Both mamas are already showing signs that they are confident about the safety and well-being of their pups, as they are spending more time relaxing on their lounge beds outside the whelping boxes or hanging out with the human family socializing. (Although, greedy Cosmo was chased out of the kitchen with his tail between his legs when he mistakenly wandered in a little too close to Stella's box looking for a handout!)

"The Brownie Bites": "Twinkie", "Cupcake", "Fudgesicle", "Snickerdoodle", "PopTart", "Whoopie Pie", "Oreo" & "Mille-feuille" (aka "Napoléon"!).

Still enjoying the heating pad!
Brownie Bites snuggle down into their furry nest waiting for the next feeding

Enjoying a snooze in the bright sun. 
We make sure to give all the pups a little sunshine every day( weather permitting!)

Little noses start to twitch as puppies start to distinguish the different scents of humans and  dogs alike
Little Pop Tart dreaming little doggie dreams

Stella's "Lucky Charms" are relaxed in spite of their box in the busy kitchen

A lot of a puppy's life is spent eating (or looking for mama) and sleeping 

Stella is never far away from her girls

They are just little heat-seeking furballs right now, and neither their eyes or ears are open yet, but they are quick to sense their mama or human family coming into the box.

"Mama! You came back!"

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