Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Spicy" Hot?... NOT!

These little girls are so very CHILL that it is actually rather suspicious. They are just too relaxed and quiet and calm... They must be "up-to-something"!

Spice Girls pups are content to just cuddle in your lap and gaze into your eyes
"Ginger"-Bread Bear!
It is a joy to see the wonder in their bright little eyes

Paprika does not mind being carried around like a Teddy Bear
Not even 3 weeks old, the pups are not afraid of new sights and sounds and regard everything with calm curiousity
As their eyes have opened, their range of vison has expanded and they are examining our faces carefully

Hmm..seems like she does not like what she sees!

The girls are happy to remain peacefully wherever we put them, without signs of stress or fear.
They are such "well-behaved" puppies! 
Or perhaps they are just biding their time ...!
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