Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In The Old Romping Ground

Another Sunday morning get-together for littermates and pack members. Shared treats and stories and lots of romping! It was the first Doodle Romp for four-month-olds Truffle and Lucy, who joined in on the action with Cosmo, Satori, Topper, Walter, Abner, Maui, Charlie, Mylo, Chanel, Mina, Leo, and Cooper!

Two of Lola and Z's pups from the Gold Rush gang share a joke

Not sure what the punch line was, but it was definitely a howler!

Some initial confused milling about... 
...until someone brings out the treats!
Mina springs into action to claim her fair share
It is a scientific fact that the presence of treats enhances a Labradoodle's hearing ability. 
Many owners also observe enhanced speed and agility...
...as well as an improvement in dancing skills.
The presence of seasoned Labradoodle trainers also has a positive effect
Leo executes the challenging "Bath Mat" manoeuvre!
Little Lucy is very polite to the infamous Gold Rush brothers Cooper and Leo
And she has remembered that nothing less than a show of complete submission will impress Uncle Cosmo
Cosmo politely acknowledges Lucy, in spite of the fact that SHE is just a DOG
Another skilled trainer puts the boys through their paces
Trained Doodle Attendants have set up back- and ear-scratching stations along the romping grounds
Obedience school clearly does not cover queuing up to take turns
Topper and Whitney's pretty pup Abner
Lucy is already devoted to her own boy, but amenable to sharing snuggles with another while he watches over

Chanel is in there somewhere!
"Abner" -- Out Standing In The Field!
Truffle's first romp was a little overwhelming...

...Especially when Uncle Topper mistook her for a dangerous infiltrator!
It has been a lot for her sister Lucy too

Sisters reunite after 2 months apart!
Truffle has figured out the treat scam

Happy Mina!

Young Abner contemplates some gravel

Another Treat-dispensing Station

See You All Again Soon I Hope!
Your little sisters "The Spice Girls" say "Woof" Leo!

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