Sunday, April 7, 2013

Brownie And Stella Meet The Pack

Brownie and Stella joined our program earlier this year, but have not yet met their new pack. A small romp makes a good ice-breaker and gives the girls a chance to meet some family members and new friends in an informal setting.   
(click on the photos to see them in large format)

Brownie and Stella!
Cosmo thinks Brownie smells very nice

Brownie scrutinizes the amenities of GGL HQ with a discerning eye

We hope everything meets your satisfaction Brownie
Teddy is eyeing his long-lost half-sister Stella with caution

Stella knows what we have in our pocketses and approves

Brownie is as yet unaware that the blurry furball in the center is actually her long-lost half-sister Bibi!

Teddy incites some romping

And now off to new adventures in the park....

...where quite a crowd has gathered to greet the newcomers!

Cocoapuff approves of Brownie...

...and gives old pal Chanel a little kiss.

Baby Gracie the love-sponge

Two pretty girls

Gremlin infestation in the park again


Whaddya mean we have to leave now?

(Imagine how beautiful Stella's pups will be!)