Thursday, September 6, 2012

Raising the Bar

At 4 weeks, the young Olympians face a new challenge:  their first encounter "with solid" food. Using new equipment such as a feeding tray can be confusing to pups who have only nursed from their mother thus far, but, as we would expect, the pups have their game-faces on and are motivated to succeed.  Their first meal is a "protein shake" of puppy kibble, goats milk, yogurt, and liver water, seasoned with a sprinkling of pro-biotics.

Always being ready to take on a new challenge is a hallmark of a champion!

Balance and precision are indispensible in this event... well as some cooperation from the other teammembers.

Still, the fine-points of the technique will require time to master.

Many elite athletes use the "visualization" technique to improve performance. 

They are still learning to be "team players" however..

...and there are always going to be "Winners" and "Losers".
Luckily, Lily is always on the spot to coach them...

...and tidy up afterwards!
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  1. Dear Lily, You are doing an amazing job with our Olympians. These little champions are going to bring honor and glory to our clan. Sorry that that one little Olympian who is covered in his/her breakfast seems to have inherited my eating habits. Love, Topper