Sunday, September 23, 2012

Puppy Milestones: Lola & Z's litter

Lola's pups are growing more active with every day.  Like their Mama, they are remarkably  intelligent and alert, attending to everything that happens around them. We have to sneak up to get photos, as they run right up and get right into the camera lens now!

"Looks suspicious!"
The first solid meal is a milestone in a puppy's life, and an experience that usually "rocks their world"!  Here the four-week-old pups are getting their first taste of "puppy mush"--a yummy soup of pureed puppy kibble, organic goat yogurt, liver broth, and probiotics.

Trying to keep an open mind about it all

Some of them are not quite as opportunistic...

...but make up for lost time anyway!

In the end, everyone approves of the addition to the menu.

And the meal is a success...

...a "MESSY" Success!

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  1. Adorable and Gorgeous!!! I can’t stop starring at them!! I wish I could have one to take home…