Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lil Pots-O'-Gold

At two weeks of age, Lola's pups do not yet have their eyes open, but judging from their expanding bellies, they manage to sniff out their suppers with no trouble at all. While most of their days and nights are spent snoozing, they are in a moderately-busy area of the house and we are continuing to handle them periodically throughout the day as part of their "Super Dog" exercises.

Lola gets overheated and pushes back the fleece so she can lie on the cooler floor of the box.  The puppies have learned to drag themselves back-and-forth from the heat lamp to the milk bar, as required.

Hard to believe this chubby fella is still looking ahead to future meals....

Soaking up those heat-rays

The Big Bonanza
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