Friday, July 27, 2012

It Takes a Village...Or...a Pack!

The Labradoodles that come in-and-out of the revolving doodle door (those who live with us, with guardian families, or pets who visit often) all seem to cooperate amazingly well as a dog "pack". Their collective responsibilities include rearing the puppies born into the pack. The older dogs model good behaviors (both canine and human-imposed) and correct the babies when they go astray. Now that Mom Whitney has gone home to her family, sometimes we see the dogs taking on other parenting duties...

Daddy Topper is demonstrating to little "Oliver" how to share toys nicely with Vixen.
"Dad, you're not using that bone right now, are you?"

Somehow, the dogs all know that the puppies in the pack need to eat too.
Such a good Dad!
Spreading some of that Topper Love with little "Walter"...
...and illustrating the proper technique for a refreshing back rub to "Maui".   
Bibi and Holly collaborate on the most effective strategies for disciplining wayward puppies...
...and clearly have found an effective one!

Dad is still supervising out of the corner of his eye...
...with extra backup just-in-case.
Topper passes on his loving and calm nature to his puppies.

After Mama Whitney left, Auntie Bibi immediately took over as chief Steward to the Royals.  We gave her a brick of Primal brand frozen raw chicken, which is one of her most favorite treats of all. But instead of chomping it down on the spot as she usually does, she carried it off, jumped into the Royal Box, and deposited the tasty morsel right in the middle of their bed.  (What a good stand-in Mama she is!) Bibi sleeps right outside their box, to keep a closer eye on them.
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  1. I love the cooperative spirit of their pack! So glad that Topper could be a helpful tutor before the Royals' final exams and graduation from finishing school. :-)

    — Elizabeth (with Topper back-seat typing)