Saturday, July 7, 2012

At Home with The "Royal" Family

The excitement and glamor of the "Royal" lifestyle tends to attract pup-parazzi and others...

Miss Minnie for one has found a way to crash the private luncheon 
But security intervenes and she is unceremoniously put outside the walls
Puppies as well-bred as these know to say "Please" with a "sit" before they are rewarded with anything at all...
The puppies are going through the weaning process, which can be stressful to them, but Whitney still has a smile on her face during one of the infrequent nursings, even though  the puppies collectively outweigh her! 

"Last call at the milk-bar...!"
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  1. "I'm very pleased with the development of their table manners."
    — Topper

  2. So cute!! please post more pictures, we are checking them every chance we get!!!