Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finishing School

The Royals were happy to return to the Puppy Palace following their official Health Checks and spay/neuters by the Royal Veterinarian on Tuesday! All puppies received a "Normal" on their vet exams, and were in excessively fine and lively moods. We are channeling their energies into the final stages of the pre-training  before they venture off to form new alliances with other noble families of the region.

The "Recall" is one of the more useful skills to master. 
Well-mannered Royals "shake" upon request.
All of the puppies have demonstrated a reliable "Sit" by now. 

"Best Foot Forward in leash-training!"

Her Serene Highness
This sweet girl is excels in demonstrating calm elegance and regal bearing befitting her noble birth 

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  1. "I commend them also on their abilities in the Olympic sport of Adorable Poses. Congratulations to all the Royals on a job well done! Now, get out there and spread some happiness."

    — King Topper the Floppy