Sunday, February 5, 2012

Little Chubbies

Lola's puppies are one week old and gaining weight at an incredible pace...almost doubling their birthweights!  One thing about Lola--she feeds her babies well... (And we keep her fortified with bountiful meals of canned puppy food, fresh raw egg yolks, puppy kibble, and fresh meat from our kitchen.)

(Click on the photos for larger format viewing.)

Sometimes they just can't move with such full tummies

Nothing like a snooze after a big meal

 lovely broad muzzle and forehead

The pups have become much stronger and scoot around the whelping box looking for Mom. They roll into motion when they sense the vibrations of her paws when she jumps back into the box after brief absences.

Uncle Cosmo is tentatively asking permission to come in and see what the fuss is all about.

His sister Lola graciously allows him in to admire her babies.

Proud Mama (gazing adoringly at her babies):  "Aren't they beautiful?!"

We Are Beautiful Aren't We...

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