Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Babysitter...

Our stunning chocolate girl "Country High Fashion" has only ten days until she whelps her own first litter.  She is fascinated by Lola's puppies and keeps jumping in the box to "help out".  Lola has vetted her thoroughly and has deemed her a competent babysitter, so that Lola can continue the weaning process and get a little "Me Time."
"How hard can this be?  There are only four of them.  And they have such sweet faces...

(Casing the joint from a strategic vantage point)

(Scoping-out escape route)

(Hatching a plot)

(Pretending to look innocent)

(Planning the attack)


And the attack begins in earnest...

"But I'm not ready for my naptime yet!"

"And they want me back again tomorrow!?!?!"
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