Thursday, February 16, 2012

Caramel Cream -- Mmmmmmm!

This Caramel-Cream curly fleece boy from Lola and Luke's litter is starting to explore his environment!  Living in the dead-center of the house, the puppies are all pretty relaxed about all of the different noises they are exposed to.  They don't even startle much at the occasional ruckus (such as a metal waterdish inadvertently being kicked across the tile floor by kids rushing to get ready for school, or a cellphone left nearby suddenly blasting a Lady Gaga ringtone at full volume....)

We are still developing the muscles to keep our beautiful big heads up
Luckily we have a 360 degree headrest here!

Under the "pig rail" also makes a cosy den to snooze in

"As soon as they opened their eyes, the girls just loved me!"

We expect that he will be about 28-32 lbs. at adulthood. This litter will go home at the end of March at about 8 weeks of age. Please call us at 650-576-9068 if you have any questions about this puppy or about our reservation process.

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