Friday, September 22, 2017

Marlowe and Rusty's Family

There's "Something" about these pups...!

And we can guess what it is! These pups even at just 4 weeks old are showing the sign of inheriting the special human-focused and intuitive natures that come down the line from past generations of the "Greats" of the breed, including Rutlands Baby Joey and TP Cool Dude. These are pups I like to carry around the house, even so young, as they are so interested and interactive about everything they encounter. Stay tuned for Big developments from these little pups. We have availability for a Black Male and also a Foster-Guardian Family for a Female. Please email for more information.

Caramel Girl who may be for a Foster-Guardian Family
The two girls I am choosing between...
It's NOT going to be an easy choice!
The Girls

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