Friday, September 30, 2016

The Clan MacTruffle: Return To The Highlands

It's a misty morning in the Highlands, but that doesn't stop the intrepid clanmembers from an early morning outing to view the sunrise over the glen...and to keep an eye on some bold Sassenach-Squirrels from the south!

"Heather" and "Tartan" deciding whether they should take the High Road or the Low Road to Scotland
Do they have grain-free haggis there?
"Tartan":  "Dinnae fash yersel! There's always the deep-fried Mars bars!"

 With a bit of Scotch Mist on the horizon, "Tartan" is now sorry now that she has forgotten her Wellies

"Whisky" and "Thistle"  
Lovely young Scottish Doodle lasses have inspired many a young Doodle-lad to dueling, kidnapping,  and other mayhem

"Thistle's" eyes are the deep blue of Loch Lomond
Among her other fine attributes, "Whisky" is a sound sleeper
"Is it naptime yet?"

"What do you mean, 'It's time to herd the sheep?'"
"Thistle" has a disturbing premonition about Culloden Moor
"Highland Fling", "Clootie Dumpling", and "Piper"

The lassies peer discreetly but are left wondering...

"...what IS worn under the kilt?"

(The classic response being  "Nothing's worn. It's all in good working order.")

"Fling" and "Clootie Dumpling"
The Young Lairds: "Rumbledethumps" and "Claymore"
Q:  "Do ye ken why it's called a 'kilt'?"
A:  "Because those who called it a 'skirt' were kill't!"
"Rumbledethumps"  is actually undercover here in Scotland
Only faithful "Claymore" knows his true identity:  "Bonnie Prince CharlieDoodle" back to claim the throne of Scotland
After life at  the French Court, the peatbogs of the Highlands are a trial to the Young Prince

Claymore is a braw and handsome right-hand Dood

Bonnie Prince CharlieDoodle  is not happy with the suggestion that he disguise himself as a Ladydoodle for the voyage Over The Sea To Skye

Watch out lads, "Fling" has pretensions to the throne herself

Many loyal followers of Bonnie Prince CharlieDoodle were imprisoned for supporting his claim to the title of Alpha Dog

Herding canny Scottish sheep requires familiarization with the varied terrain of the Highlands
 "Whisky" sleeps through the massacre of Glencoe


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