Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Beach Baby Surfin' Safari

At 3 weeks of age the Beach Babies are out for some fun in the sun...

Fun, Fun, Fun...
The Big Kahuna
Woodie:  "Surf's Up"
Woodie, Moondoggie, and Dunebuggy in a paddle-battle to the break!
Gidget helps Hukilau with the Coppertone
"Dunebuggy" checks out the break
"Moondoggie" checks out "Bikini"
"Bikini" and "Gidget"
Couple of Beach Bunnies for sure
The Wahine
Cowabunga drops into the barrel --
Hang 10!
Daring Doodle Tricks: " The Reverse Oreo"
Hukilau is a Goofy-foot

All this fresh air  is exhausting...

...When is the clambake?

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