Friday, July 12, 2013

Lunch for the Liberty Bunch

Vixen and Sarge's beautiful puppies have their first experience with "solid" food.  They have been introduced to a mush of complete raw chicken (which included some veggies and fruits) and puppy formula. In general, the meal received only mixed reviews...

Vixen is taking such good care of the pups that they are always well-fed and quiet

Still, as they get fatter, poor Mama gets skinnier trying to consume enough calories to keep up with their growing bellies!

So then we know it's time to introduce supplemental nutrition to the pups.

This pup is not convinced

But someone enjoyed her first meal!

""What else you got?"

There is really NO substitute

With full tummies, the pups can settle down for their 5th nap of the day.

"I'll give it two stars"

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