Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Summer of Love

Oh yes, it is a Summer of Love -- "Free Love" all around the whelping box as devoted mama Satori affectionately tends her quickly-growing litter. And it's hard not to get a natural "high" on the  dopamine- and oxytocin-infused atmosphere as you watch the beautiful 3-week old puppies open their eyes and stumble towards you squeaking insistently for feeding. Because we have supervised their nursing so closely, manually placing and adjusting them around-the-clock, they have come to associate being handled with Suppertime..."The very best time of day!

We will have to start supplementing with "solid"food...

...there's barely enough room for all now around the Milk Bar!

Just waiting here patiently til Mama comes back

"...And what's not to love?"

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