Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's For Breakfast?

Bibi's four puppies are cumulatively almost as big as she is!  She is enjoying extravagant and lavish meals of doggie delicacies such as fresh liver, raw chicken breast, and green beef tripe, which help her keep up 5-6 meals a day for her litter. 

Bibi was at first a little "miffed" that we offered a new treat to her puppies and not to her:  an eggnog of strained liver water, egg yolk, goats milk, fish oil, with a little Karo syrup and baby vitamins...yum.

These puppies were immediately enthusiastic about the addition to the menu
In fact, there was a little sibling rivalry going on

And much of the breakfast did not end up in their mouths...

.. least, at first!
Luckily they cooperate in clean-up
"Let's leave the dirty work for  Mom!"

The pups opened their eyes over the weekend, but only now are they open long enough to catch a picture.

Their field of vision expands daily--this sweet boy has just spotted the camera lens.
Their world expands greatly when they can all of a sudden focus more than just a foot in front of them!
"So that's what you look like!"

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