Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Chocolate! (Who's Complaining?)

Our amazing Bibi had four simply adorable--and hefty!--little Choco-babies on Friday, May 4th.  This is Bibi's first litter and, while she has studied the behaviors of her housemate Lola, she was understandably a little confused at the outset.  But her unerring instincts set her on the right path very quickly and she is a wonderful Mom!

A multi-tasker after our own heart, Bibi takes good care of cleaning her babies at each meal

The pups are good eaters and already quite a bit bigger than their half-siblings ("The Browns") were at the same age!

Bibi is remarkable for her intense eye-contact and human focus...
...even when she is multi-tasking.
The puppies weigh over a pound each at only 5 days of age!

It was pointed out to me that these puppies were born on 5/4/2012, otherwise known as "Star Wars Day".  
"Princess Leia" and "Queen Amidala" were no-brainers for girls' names...

...but there are so many good choices for the boys:

Ewok? Chewbacca?  Luke? Anakin...?
...Wookie? Yoda...?
"Jabba the Hutt?"

May the Fourth Be With You!
(Mom doesn't care what we are called.)
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