Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

...and Romance is blossoming all around!

Lovely Miss Whitney is awaiting the arrival of her beau, the dashing young Hudsons Topper...

...but, he may not meet her discriminating tastes, even with his beckoning come-hither looks and  bedroom eyes! 

Topper resorts to tried-and-true courtship rituals--fresh flowers...
...and a tender serenade!
"I think she likes me."
Whitney and Topper showing off their respective "Lavender" and "Cafe" wavy fleece coats (and their good behavior!)

Whitney and Topper will be expecting their puppies to arrive around June 1st, please contact us if you are interested in a puppy from this litter. (Puppies are expected to be mediums, in various shades of brown: Chocolate, Cafe, & possibly, (rare) Lavenders.) 650-576-9068

"Do I look like I am Glowing Yet?"

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  1. Whits is definitely glowing now, and she was being coy in these photos and not showing her wonderful smile! :)