Monday, April 16, 2012

The "Browns" Waiting for Breakfast

Fergie's puppies have figured out that the meals we give them are actually pretty tasty and fill up their little round bellies quite nicely...much to their mom's enormous relief!  This is Fergie's first litter, and for a while there, she seemed to be in real distress figuring about how she could possibly eat enough to satisfy the eight starving monsters!  As soon as she saw that we were providing food and that these guys were backing off on the milk bar, the sense of relief on her part was palpable. (And she has stopped counter-surfing, stealing from her room-mate Tucker's dinner, and eating the puppies' kibble!)
We are learning to "sit" before we get our breakfasts.

The natives are getting restless...

Australian Labradoodles trying to get me to read their minds... 

"Generally the people respond well to this 'Intense Eye Contract' trick."

"I am just going to sit in the corner and make them feel sorry for me."

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