Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birth-Day Puppies!

Lola let us know unequivocally what she had in mind for the day through her persistent efforts to lure all her family members (canine and human) to attend her in constantly changing potential whelping locations.  She varied between several attractive venues that we had created for her such as under a small table with a sheet tented over the top, a large dog kennel filled with luxurious bedding to shred, and of course the super expensive ultra-deluxe sanitized professional heated whelping box.  However her lair of choice, which required some considerable effort to dissuade her from, was the dirt, beetle- and and humus-filled hollow which she had surreptitiously dug out under the rusty wheelbarrow and old ladders in the backyard, under the deck.)

As it was, this first little chocolate girl made her appearance at about 2:30 PM in the tented boudoir, but waited it out on the heated warming tray in the whelping box until her next sibling was born.

This gorgeous caramel hunk squeezed out next...

The whelping box has a heating lamp that warms a tray which radiates constant heat up into their bellies. Mom is ever-so-proud of her babies, but did take a few minutes away from admiring them to wolf down a bowl of vanilla ice cream...for that added hit of calcium and glucose!

The second caramel Golden Boy was barely dry but set to work right away!

5:10 PM and the last sister is born...she immediately bulldozed the boys right out of the way. It is remarkable how much they are born already knowing how to do.

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