Monday, January 30, 2012

Doing What Lola Does Best...

(...besides retrieving tennis balls, that is!)

Lola's sacrifice and dedication to her puppies is remarkable in that she clearly enjoys her babies like nothing else on earth (including retrieving tennis balls!)  She lines them all up between her paws (on the heated warming tray, which cannot be that comfortable with her luxuriant fleece coat) and she gazes at them adoringly...

We try to lure her away  with treats so that she can go outside and do her "business", but she will have none of it and has to be forcibly picked up and carried out.

But we can certainly see what is so alluring about them!

These puppies are not yet 24 hours old, and can neither see nor hear well,  but I am picking them up gently to get them used to being handled.  I can hear their tiny little noses snuffling as they sniff at our hands and faces. 

They are waiting for the milk to come in, but in the meantime are full of Mom's immunity-boosting colostrum.

(From their Mom's perspective...!)
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