Monday, July 25, 2011

Puppy Fat

The puppies went to their veterinarian yesterday for a check-up and were pronounced "big, fat, and happy."  We weigh each puppy daily and they have all more than doubled their birth-weights by a substantial margin, thanks to Lily and her diligent feeding schedule. She always seems astonished when we present her with heaps of doggie delectables in her puppy kibble--egg yolks, canned puppy food, chicken breast, yogurt, and a few bites of leftover steak for lunch!   With the rate these puppies are growing, Lily consumes an astonishing amount of protein and fat in her diet, as well as abundant fresh water.

(Click on the photos for larger views.)
Good Moms all know how to multi-task.

Trying to get traction to wedge herself in


Lily keeps a close watch over her pups sleeping off their recent meal, but  from outside the whelping box.  The last thing she wants to do is awaken them and have them clamoring for milk again so soon... (It was likely their moms who coined the phrase "Let sleeping dogs lie.") 

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