Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lola Momdoodle

Lola delivered her first of the two expected puppies this morning at 7:15 AM--a robust little chocolate boy, who right away pushed himself up onto his chubby little legs and wiggled a bee-line to mom's milk. 

Lola has been very interested in Lily's litter all week, and Lily has gradually become used to Lola hanging around gazing adoringly at her puppies, although I would not leave them unattended together, as hormones can wreak havoc with even the most easy-going girls.  

At about 4:00 this morning, I turned on the lights to check on Lola as I could hear how restless she was from my bed on the sofa in the adjoining room.  Nothing yet, but I decided to clear the decks for action and move some of my whelping supplies to one of the three different areas that Lola seemed to have selected for whelping.  When I walked back into "Lily's room,"  Lola was in Lily's whelping box busily cleaning up the babies while Lily (nonplussed) nursed them!    

I shooed Lola out of the box so that I could escort Lily outside, and returned to find Lola actually nursing Lily's puppies.  "None of that!," I exclaimed and picked her up forcibly to remove her, locking her out of Lily's room.  (Can't think that a "double-shot of colustrum" can be bad...I wonder if it diversifies their immunities, getting it from two different mothers?)  

(Still waiting for the second puppy four hours later. )

-- Oops, spoke too's another chocolate boy!  Lola is enjoying her big bowl of vanilla ice cream.

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