Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Peak"-ing Out": Chelsea's Mountaineers Open Their Eyes

Chelsea and Blitz's pups have started to open their eyes (gradually)at around 18 days. They can still only see a few feet in front of them. As with most new puppies, they often startle slightly or at least seem surprised at large moving shapes (even mama) looming over their box and are curious about seeing each other for the first time. I have observed that within a few hours of puppies opening their eyes, they suddenly will raise themselves up and start tottering around on their legs, rather than dragging their little bodies around on their bellies like fat little seal pups.

We have put soft felt collars on the pups to better manage weighing, deworming, and other routine puppy care

"Tioga" is taking a break to observe his world from a cozy spot

"Whitney" still spending most of the days (and nights) snoozing

"Sierra's" eyes have only just unsealed


Some of the pups do not open their eyes for days after the first ones do
Uncle Cosmo approves of little "Lassen"

"El Capitan"

Although it looks cute, yawning is a sign of stress, and we put pups back in the nest when this occurs
Hungry Shasta is looking for mama
("Note to self:  no point in nursing on this furry bit here.")
"Eek! So that's what you look like!?"

Whitney already practicing the "Doodle Flop"--a true prodigy!

Sequoia has not even woken up for her photo shoot


Tioga is sacked out on Sierra and El Capitan


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