Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tested Stud Prospect Available: Golden Gate Lord Byron

GG Lord Byron "Byron" was born 12/2/15 in "Stella's Storybook" litter--a repeat pairing of "Stella" (NW Australian Madam of The Night) and "Topper" (Hudson's The Topper). Their previous pups together The Monster Mash  were so well-regarded by pet owners, and we ourselves loved the two breeding dogs held back ("Golden Gate Dark Lord aka 'Blitz'" and "Golden Gate Dark Lady" see below) that we wanted to try to produce a girl for our program in Stella's last litter..
While we have held back the lovely "Ramona" for ourselves, her brother "Byron" was one of those pups who is "too good to neuter"! Byron is the "real deal" in terms of ALD temperament--no cocker hyperactivity or busy-ness, no mini poodle high-strung nervousness.  Like his parents, Byron has a sweet, willingness to please and the gentle and affectionate, agenda-free temperament that we prize.  Byron genetically carries for cream and is I/C Clear, per UC Davis Veterinary Genetics, and has a 70% PennHIP score and Wallace Hips "Good"; Elbows "Normal".  Complete Labradoodle panel results submitted to Pawprints Genetics,  "Clear" of everything.
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4 months old and nailing his down-stay
"You Are Going To SELL me, Mom?"
Byron at 6 weeks

And at 8 weeks

 Byron has a dark chocolate wavy fleece coat, a perfect saber tail, excellent conformation, and a sweet and gentle nature. We expect Byron to mature to about 42-45 lbs. and about 18" tall, given his sire's and dam's sizes of 48 lbs. and 38 lbs., respectively.  Byron actually takes after both of his parents and we can clearly discern many of their special traits in this boy.
Byron's sweet and eager-to-please temperament is self-evident--he gets it from his parents Topper and Stella. 
Topper has put the "Lab" back in the Labradoodle in our program and in various litters he has sired for  other breeders.  He is a particularly effective coat-corrector, has excellent substance and solid boning and imparts broad Lab-by heads to his offspring. PennHIP 80%th percentile; Orivet ALD panel "Clear". (See this blog for other litters from Topper).
Topper is an affectionate, sweet, and floppy guy

Topper is a fabulous coat-corrector
Besides her dark bittersweet chocolate fleece coat, her pretty, pretty face, and goofy sense of humor, we love that (for a female dog) Stella is remarkably uncomplicated.  In fact, we often say that she is like a male dog in a female body--just motivated by the simple pleasures in life! PennHIP 50th%ile, OFA Good. Testing available upon request.

Byron's full brother "Blitz" from the previous litter has a 90th%ile PennHIP score and has just sired his first litter with Luna (who is curly wool), proving to be a coat-corrector like his Dad:

If our beloved "pet" household members were not already too numerous, I would be keeping little Byron as our newest family member...but it's not to be; we are releasing "Byron" to a family home-based breeder (guardian family OK!), who does comprehensive health testing, does not breed lines with recent and recurring genetic disease such as HD, Addisons, or epilepsy, and who, like us, is committed to improvement of the breed, over just producing "pet-quality" puppies.
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A special sweet soul from the beginning

APRIL 19, 2016 UPDATE: Little Byron is off to Canada today! We will sure miss you around here little guy...

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