Monday, March 23, 2015

Lily's "Party Time"

Lily and Trooper's pups have started to open their eyes! Though they can't keep them open all of the time, they do like to peek out every now and again and view the world around them!

An overcast afternoon is perfect for the pups' first venture outside
It's still pretty bright out

Lily had these pups on my birthday! 
They are a Birthday Party all rolled up in fur and kisses...
...It's "Party Time"!
Introducing:  "Bingo", "Spin The Bottle  (aka "Smoochie"), "Twister", "Button, Button, Whose Got The Button?"  & "Simon Says"!
"Simon" says "Hold me closer!"
Whose got the "Button"?
Button: "I'm in safe hands"

"Twister": "Left Paw -- Blue"!
Give me a kiss "Smoochie"!

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