Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Legacy of Doodle-07: Licensed to Thrill

Doodle-07 himself (also known here at HQ as "The Topper") reunited once more with Bond-doodle Girl "Glamour Girl" (aka "Chanel") for a repeat litter of stunning Chocolate pups.

Oh, NO!!! The evil genius "Bonefinger" has captured "Puppy Galore" and is concealing her in an abandoned doghouse in a little-known Central European Dogtatorship --  
"James Boned" and his Boned-doodle Girls have received an assignment from "M" and are on the scent, sniffing out clues
 "Boned" protects "Holly Gooddog", "Miss Moneypuppy" & "Octopuppy" from  other evil international demons of the  underdogworld  
(International Secret Agentdoodles enjoy the admiration of multiple adoring ladydoodles)
"Oh, James...!"
Luckily, the trusty "Miss Moneypuppy" always keeps a tight lead on Boned
"Puppy Galore" scans the horizon for incoming bouncy balls
"I hope I will not be typecast as a Boned Girl for the rest of my life. I'm very proud of being a part of the Boned family, but I don't want to be the sexy girl forever. I'm not meaning to complain, but I just want to be taken seriously." 
    --Puppy Galore
"Octopuppy" is a major distraction making her puppydog eyes at "Boned"
But "James" daringly paraglides in  to infiltrate the enemy base and extracts poor Puppy Galore from the evil clutches of Bonefinger and his hench-human
"Boned... James Boned"
"Vodka Meatini... Shaken, not stirred"
But everyone suspects that "Miss Moneypuppy" is really running things behind the scenes
"I know you'll find this crushing, Doodle-07, but I don't sit at home every night praying for some international incident so I can run down here all dressed up to impress James Boned." --Miss Moneypuppy
Freedom at last, as the pups saunter off for a well-earned ski holiday in Zermatt... 
...right into the clutches of none other than the evil-but-not-so-genius...
 "Dr. Cos-NO"!

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