Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stella and Topper's Pups: Meeting New Friends...and Families!

Stella and Topper's little ones are entertaining (and being entertained by) many different folks of all ages. They are also spending more time outside, and, selectively, with our older dogs who are teaching them proper dog "manners". ("No. It is NOT a good idea to rush up to an older dog--especially Uncle Cosmo-- and start kissing them, without a proper introduction and a little show of submission.")
After their baths the pups get a little fresh air! 

The pups live in the breakfast nook and are attentive to goings-on in there...especially related to dinner time!
"Find The Kibble" is a favorite game in their play area
Pups enjoy visits from their regular friends
Soon the pups will be using their litterboxes reliably
(Licking the bowl)
Playdates can be exhausting for young pups
Uncle Cosmo keeping an eye on the crowd

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