Thursday, July 3, 2014

White Nights and Black Russians: Luna's Little Russian Bears

Luna's pups are thriving and eating up a storm!  Still, almost all of their waking hours are devoted to eating. Or thinking about eating. Or looking for a way to eat... Even at the tender age of two weeks, they are provided with new experiences to condition them (gently) to all manner of human and "other" interactions.

(Please remember you may click on the photos to view them in large format.)

These pups were born during the famed "White Nights" of the Summer Solstice. (Luckily for us, they have been very quiet and content -- not resulting in any "White Nights" for us yet!) Luna's Guardians the Chernis Family trace their origins to Russia. ("Chernis" derives from the Slavic root meaning "Black".)

Sweet Dreamer

"Ivan The...Terrific"!

"Boris Badinoff"

The Beautiful and Blond "Tatiana"

"Mischka" our little черный медведь (Cherniy Medved) or "Black Bear"!

Puppy checkup at the Vet

"Pushkin" gets some attention from an experienced puppy-wrangler.
Luna's Guardian Family are welcome visitors to the pups, as Mama is overjoyed to see them and to show off her pups, and the pups themselves have early exposure to new people.

And of course Luna!

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