Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Roscoe" Has Been Busy... (Puppy Available!)

Our little Roscoe ("Manor Lake Apollo")  is still beaming over his smart(!) and beautiful pups "The Brownie Bites" and "The Fun Bunch", who have all gone home and about whom we are hearing wonderful success stories daily from their new families. These pups have proven to be sociable, confident, affectionate, human-focused, and intelligent...and did I mention modest?  (Roscoe, who is never one to toot his own horn, asked me to include that.)

Modest perhaps, but never a slacker, Roscoe has been hard at work recently "making his mark" in the program of our respected breeder colleague Hilary Hammer of Greenwood Park Labradoodles (and in her yard too, I am afraid...). When a stud dog stamps his traits upon his offspring to a marked degree and passes on certain traits to an especially large number of his offspring, even from different dams, he is said to be "prepotent". It is impressive what a "prepotent" little stud Roscoe appears to be:  I am having a very hard time distinguishing the pictures of the Greenwood Park gang from our own puppies! While Roscoe's San Francisco pups are a month older, you can see the close family resemblance.

Roscoe's Pups with Greenwood Park "Tilly" and "Gemma" and with Golden Gate's "Brownie" and "Bailey Mae": 

A Roscoe Greenwood Park Pup from Gemma

A Roscoe & Brownie GGL Pup

Tilly's Greenwood Park Puppy from Roscoe
A Roscoe & Bailey Mae GGL Pup-ette!

A Roscoe-Gemma Greenwood Park Puppy

A Roscoe-Bailey Mae GGL Puppy
A Pretty Roscoe Greenwood Park Puppy
And a little GLL Roscoe girl from Bailey Mae

A stunner! Roscoe-Gemma Greenwood Park Puppy

A GGL Doppelganger from Brownie & Roscoe!

And another one!

We had to disappoint quite a few families here in the Bay Area who had requested a puppy from our recent litters. But there are already two of these Greenwood Park pups who will be coming back to me for Bay Area families in June or July. There is still some availability, and I can arrange with Hilary at Greenwood Park to set up time to talk with you if you have interest in having one of these special little guys (or gals) join your family.

You can see the pups and also contact Hilary directly through her website:


And an interesting article on prepotency: Breeding dogs: The importance and development of the prepotent sire

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