Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring is in the Air and the Labradoodles are Blossoming...

And what says "Springtime" more than an armful of baby Labradoodles?

Our own Miss Lola surprised us a couple of days early with her new puppies--five stunning and robust little girls, who, (not surprisingly for Lola's pups) made their debuts in superb form and in excellent spirits!

(Don't forget to click on the photos below to see them in large format.)

At one day of age the puppies are already starting to fatten up, thanks to mama Lola's solicitious care
While they can not walk, see, or hear well, these girls know how to find their next meal, and I have watched them drag themselves around the whelping nest, in increasingly larger and larger spiraling circles, to track down their mama. (Yes, I do think the girls just may be smarter than the boys...or at least more organized!)
And then they snooze...
The puppies usually huddle together for warmth, although Lola is such a good mama that she actually pushes them back onto the warming tray under the heat lamp when she has finished nursing them!

Heading off for a ramble around the nest

We expect the litter to mature to colors of Caramel-Cream and Apricot-Cream

(We can see that toenail trimming will be moved up on the agenda to protect poor mama's soft tummy.)

"I LOVE these puppies! ...And they are ALL MINE!!!"
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  1. Dear Lola,

    Excellent work!

    Sincerely, Love, Topper