Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Doodles In Disguise! (Tricks AND Treats!)

The annual "Goblin Walk" on San Carlos's Laurel Street is always an opportunity for the local Labradoodles to strut their stuff on the town and live out their alter-egos. While some of them outright enjoy the event, everyone was exceptionally well-mannered with the hordes of pint-size princesses, fairies, and Ninjas!(Thanks to Chris and Manuela for photos/caption ideas!)

Lola (who is invariably good-natured anyway) thoroughly enjoys this annual event!
The "competitive element" in fancy dress events results in inevitable scrutinizing of  the other participants' costumes.
Fairy Princesses like Satori are generally well-regarded wherever they show up.
Sir Charlie has lofty and noble ideals on this mind, after slaying his dragon. ("That Grail must be around here somewhere!")
The ever-popular Teddy makes an appearance (with his boy Max)
Teddy keeps a sharp eye on the events to make sure everyone is playing fair 
Sharing beauty secrets
Admiring Lola's long eyelashes 
Cosmo finds a baby bumblebee.  "Can I keep it? Pleeeeease....?"
The gallant Sir Charlie protects a small chick from the dragon. 
Siblings Tanuki and Teddy ask SuperDog for autographs

The lovely Emily and Friends
Lots to celebrate the SF Bay Area!  Congrats GIANTS!
Princess Bibi and the Lady Lizzy patiently endure the scores of papparazzi
The Golden Gate Labradoodles run into some Superfriends!
Cosmo wishes he had worn his bat wings instead!
Kotah is asking the right person for flying lessons
(Looks like Kotah is trying to gain some altitude!)
"Where's the Pixie Dust?"

Cosmo is skeptical

Miss Cocoapuff (aka Golden Gate The Farmer's Daughter) and her buddy proudly sport their SF Giants Halloween colors. 

Labradoodles are highly intelligent...and opportunistic. Cocoapuff takes advantage of a chance to get her Christmas wishes in early!

The court jester

Spooky Tanuki!

Sir Charlie rescuing a damsel in distress.
Lola is gracious and affable to the young nobles
Happy Halloween to All!
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  1. Ahh! How cute!! I bet these costumes represent the characters of these dogs!!! I’m so loving the superman and the fairy costumes… How lovely for me to find this… It just makes my day! Happy thanks giving!!